Although an MRI might sound like it would be a frightening exam, it’s really nothing more than a simple scan of your body. Most scans will only capture images of certain areas of your body that your doctor is concerned about, such as your brain or your kidneys. An open MRI is an option that is available if you are claustrophobic. The scan is performed in the same manner but without an enclosed tube that you’re in, making many people feel a bit more comfortable.

An open MRI is not only suitable for those who are claustrophobic, but it’s also beneficial for those who are obese and are unable to physically fit inside a standard tube. This allows almost every patient to have an opportunity to have an MRI when it’s needed. This design is also beneficial for children who might be afraid of the noises that a large machine makes or who might want a parent in the room with them. Elderly patients can also benefit from the open design as the table can be adjusted to where it’s comfortable for the patient to get onto the table instead of trying to bend to a height that isn’t suitable for the patient.

When you go to your appointment, you need to take any orders from your doctor that detail the precise details of the scan. You should also take any previous scans with you. Your doctor might want you to take certain medications before your exam or might want the technician to use a contrast during the exam that can detect if there are any issues with your blood vessels. Most exams take about 20 minutes to complete. Your scans are usually sent to your doctor the same day. If there are any issues that your doctor notices, then you will likely receive a phone call to set up an appointment for further treatment.