There are different kinds of moles and birthmarks. There are those cute, little ones, that make their bearers famous for it, like the world wide known dot above the upper lip of Marylyn Monroe, and there are the ones that are not that lovely in appearance. Moreover, some of those birthmarks can cause issues for their owners, and not just the esthetic ones. Some of them are best left untouched, while others require intervention. Here are the types of moles and what to do about them.


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Types of Moles

Not all moles are the same. The common thing for them is that they are all made of melanocytes, which are the types of cells that have the duty of producing the pigment of our skin. Therefore, these little or large specks on our bodies are actually clusters of melanocytes. Moles can be: junctional melanocytic naevi, dermal melanocytic naevi and compound melanocytic naevi. These are the most common moles, while there are some other, rare types. Junctional melanocytic naevi are dark brown and flat moles. Dermal ones are raised, they usually have hair on them and they don’t have much color. Compound melanocytic naevi are light brown, slightly raised and hairy. There are also other types that rarely occur like blue naevi or halo naevi. Blue naevi is a mole that is actually of a bluish shade. Halo naevi are the moles that have a halo-like circle around them that is actually a discolored skin.

Time to Worry

Moles sometimes, change their appearance, coloration and size. This rarely happens after you turn thirty, so any type of change in the appearance of your moles should be checked. To be sure, you need to check all your moles. First thing that you look for is the symmetry of the mole and the edges of it. Healthy moles are usually symmetrical and they have smooth edges, usually round. The second thing is the color of the mole. While ordinary moles can have two shades of brown, the dangerous kinds that imply melanoma usually have more than two shades of color. Also, any change in the feel, like burning, itching and something similar needs to be reported to your doctor. The same goes if one of your moles ‘comes to life’, meaning that it changes shape, size or color significantly.

Mole Removal Procedure

If you are removing your mole just because it gets in the way of your clothes and you are just worried about its appearance since it is elevated, the doctor will numb the area where the mole is and they will performed something called the mole shaving. Only the tip of the mole will be removed and the rest will be secured with the cauterization which means it will be burnt in order not to grow anymore. If it is important that you remove the entire mole, it is necessary to use scalpel and to cut into the skin, removing the area around it and the mole itself. The stitches can be made with the material that stays in and dissolves on its own, or the material that needs to be removed later. Good cosmetic surgeon Perth area, for example, is full of, will do this carefully and make sure that there is no scar after this procedure. Having a scarless mole removal depends greatly on the skill of the doctor, as well as for the type of the mole. Therefore, make sure that you are in the hands of a professional and that they have references about the type of mole removal you want.

Professional Help

You may not be sure when it is appropriate to call the doctor when it comes to changes in your moles. However, it is better to be safe than sorry in these situations, and the mole problem should be addressed, as soon as possible. If you are not sure if you should see a doctor – you probably should. Find a dermatologist or your GP and let them know your concerns. They will let you know if you should seek help of a cosmetic surgeon or if your concerns are without a solid base. Either way, you will be calmer and without worry.

Removing moles is something that a cosmetic surgeon does quite easily and without much effort. It is a routine procedure and it is not something to be afraid of. Nevertheless, even if it is such a routine procedure, it still doesn’t mean that everybody can do it, so make sure that you are always taken care of by a professional.